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A player lives up 15 to 20 years linked to the sport, with competitions, titles and indexes that have to be reached. At this stage they should have a company to take care of their future. Our professionals are going to pay attention to all points that need to be developed, no matter if they are techinical, emotional, behavioral or psychological, creating the necessery condition to their improvement.

We give all the conditions for a great potential development as close as possible to the limit.

The player can count on our personal and business support in his daily relationship with the club.

We believe that procedures and behaviors out of the field are as important as the sporting ones for a well succeed career. Attentive to this we will always be in contact with the player to solve any problem.

E-learning, languages and computer studies, for instance, are great tools for the player's formation. Besides, the player should look for other qualifications in an area of his interest.

The sports growth in the media increases the player's importance and social rules in the community. They became a reference to young people and teenagers.

Guaranteed of the best work conditions.

Guaranteed of the best salary

Guaranteed of their rights

Course orientation

Patrimonial Administration (investments, buys and sales, etc)

Personal support

Press Consultantship

Juridical Consultantship

The sport is one of the biggest world's passion. It is a dynamic and expressive way of communication getting the whole society interest.

The increase in the number of sponsors provided the sport great popularity, both in terms of audience and in the number of participants.

Nowadays, the sport involves billions of dollars making the sporting marketing an excellent investment for the companies. Through the sporting marketing, business partners may show their brand and signature to millions of people all over the world and, at the same time, associate it to the vibration, joy and all the youth that sports bring.

It is very known the benefits that the sporting marketing bring to all the parts involved on it.

The players can find in the sporting marketing an extra income that will give them the possibility of having the sport as a full time job, and to have new opportunities in other places. The clubs may count on extra income too, to balance their finances, and reduce their dependence on the traditional ones as tickets, transmission rights, etc. The public may see better performances, and, in addition to this, know and practice these sports. The media gets the chance to offer a great variety of programs that will reach both the audience and the sponsors (companies), that can increase their sales.

The role of the sporting marketing is increasing day by day in our lives, professionalizing the clubs, organizing events, selling sporting products, improve the company imagine and providing a technical and financial support for the players, who are the ones that make all of it possible.

"The return a brand or a product sponsoring a sport event is four times higher than a publicity campaign"

Darren Marshall, vice president of Sponsorship Research International

Press assistance is one of the most important activities for a player or a company communication strategy, working not only on the result, but also as a marketing tool. Being present in the right media is to be related to the competence, respectability and eficience of a brand or product.

Press assistant deals with all the relationships between the player/company and the media. As an intermediate, the press assistant represents both sides: corporate - the client and his imagine, press - the journalists, who are his partners in this work and who have specific needs. Conciliate the client and journalists needs is our challenge.
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